The Fantastic Life

Ready to begin your Fantastic Life?

You can achieve your goals and live your dreams in all areas of your life.

It all starts with you. It all starts here.

Everything you need to live a Fantastic Life is here.

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The Fantastic Life rules and methods have been helping people achieve their goals for more than 20 years.



Yes, real people are using these rules. They are not for extraordinary people. They are for ordinary people who then become extraordinary.

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The book The Fantastic Life includes the 12 Rules, real life stories and plenty of motivation that will keep you on track. Plus worksheets and steps to help you put concepts into action today.


What do you want out of your life?   

Go ahead. No one is judging you, so dream big.
This is between you and you. No one else. Need a little guidance?
Think about your answers in terms of these important areas.

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The Book That Started It All

Get The Fantastic Life
and start living yours.

In this book, you’ll find the 12 Rules that make living a Fantastic Life possible, stories of people who are using them and ways you can make them a part of your life too. This isn’t a theory book. It’s an action book, so get ready to dive in. 

Why Do It Alone?
Get the Book That’s Helped Thousands!

With new stories and expanded chapters, The Fantastic Life / Revisited is filled with newfound depth that took Craig Coppola years to live and acquire. The 12 Rules for living your Fantastic Life become vivid through the real-life stories of successful, impactful people who kindly opened up their lives to help illustrate these rules. Learn from a whole book full of mentors who will guide you along this proven path to success.

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