The Fantastic Life


First Success. Then Sleep.

  I love to read how successful people think about their lives.  When I saw the below article with Arianna Huffington, Founder of The Huffington Post and Kobe Bryant, basketball player with the LA Lakers—I knew it would be good.  And it was.  Ms. Huffington’s book Thrive was one of my favorites I read last

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Look Up

The below LIFEies was sent to our family by my daughter Kate.  Today is just a short video to remind ourselves that LIFE is going on right now.  Look up and live it.     Fantastic Life Rule #4: All of Life is Connected Take time to appreciate life and all that it has to

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Buy Experiences, Not Things

  If there is one thing I have been focused on over the past few years, it has been to experience life not buy things while living the Fantastic Life.   Travel, backpacking, seminars and events are all much more important to me than a new clothing item. Turns out I am right. New research

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