Monthly Archives: January 2014

Make Your Day Better

   I loved reading things that I could apply to my days while I was in what I call the chemo disaster days.  I thought this one could apply to your tougher days as well. “Action creates positive emotion” …  Love it.    The Fantastic Life Rule #2: Get a Win When you focus on even the smallest accomplishments, one win… Read more →

The Success Indicator

  This graph is spot on (other than the obvious male vs. female thing). Be successful.                         The Fantastic Life Rule #7: Be Value DrivenThis rule amplifies the chart by pointing out that great values lead to choices that could ultimately result in success.   Read more →

What’s Your Word for 2014?

Thought you would like the below ideas. Food for thought: I have not one word, but working on my words to change for 2014 Sugar (none) Sleep (50 hours a week) Delegate anxiety 30 nights on the ground In a word:  Transition  (from a grinder to a stress free life).   The Fantastic Life Rule #15: Take the Decision Out… Read more →