Monthly Archives: February 2014

Get it Together

  The New York Times ran this great article on what happened to a woman when her husband suddenly passed away.  She was not financially or mentally organized for all the issues that came up.  This pain caused her to create a basic, but very cool website: This will be a good, quick checklist to make sure you are… Read more →

How to Fulfill Your Dreams

  This is great stuff.  Love the three S’s for deadlines.   Fantastic Life Rule #9: Set Goals You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with the big picture. Make a slow and steady pursuit to your goals and you will be surprised. Even inch by inch, you will still get yourself where you want to be. Leadership Freak By: Dan… Read more →

Health Care

  Do yourself a big favor.  Take a few minutes to watch/listen to Dave Ramsey.  This is the reality of the financial world we are now living in and it behooves you to know what is happening.  This is NOT political.  It’s just down-to-earth wisdom. Would love to hear your thoughts…   The Fantastic Life Rule #6: Stay Out of… Read more →

Fresh Look at the Emergency Fund

  With my daughter going out on her own, we spent time talking about creating an Emergency Fund and what it is and what it should be used for.  Below is an interesting look at what one advisor is doing with emergency funds.   The Fantastic Life Rule #5: Make SacrificesThis rule shines light on the fact that no matter… Read more →