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How to Fulfill Your Dreams


This is great stuff.  Love the three S’s for deadlines.


Fantastic Life Rule #9: Set Goals

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with the big picture. Make a slow and steady pursuit to your goals and you will be surprised. Even inch by inch, you will still get yourself where you want to be.

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By: Dan Rockwell  
November 9, 2013

Nothing’s more painful than unfulfilled dreams.

Dreams slip away as time passes. Defeated dreamers roll over in bed one morning and say, “What’s the use. It’ll never happen.” But…

Leaders are dreamers and
deadlines turn dreams into reality.

Dreams without deadlines destroy people. Wishful thinkers choose talk over action. When someone tells you they have a dream, ask:

1.    How long have you dreamed your dream?

2.    What have you done to achieve your dream?

3.    How could you step toward your dream today?

Those who reject deadlines are dead in the water.

Three S’s for deadlines:

Small – Simple – Soon.

Most dreamers think too big. Pull your dream into today. Make it small and simple. When it comes to fulfilling dreams, soon always trumps later.

Small and simple enable soon.

Hang on to grand dreams that tease in the distance. But, break a small piece off for today.

“I’m not ready,” is the symptom of big and complex. Get to small.

How small is big enough:

1.    Small is big enough to scare but not paralyze.

2.    Small is simple enough to do now.

3.    Small enables you to say, “I’m ready,” and “I can do that.”

I have a daily deadline that scares but doesn’t paralyze. It’s also simple enough to do now. Every morning I type three hundred words and click publish.

Fear of simplicity:

Simplicity doesn’t feel important enough. Complex make you feel important but stall progress.

Phony dreamers look for excuses to avoid action. They say things like, “It’s too easy,” and “That’s not enough.” But, simplicity enables soon and soon enables progress.

Small simple deadlines get you up in the morning. Soon enables success.


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