Monthly Archives: June 2014

Bank of Mom and Dad

  This is a good one to pass along to the kids. Below is a great article on the thoughts/questions that go through parents’ heads as they try to give their children the best shot at a bright future. When you get to go on your own… that means no more target runs, haircuts, etc. I am always interested in… Read more →

Live Hard

  This is a useful list, something to think about today.     The Fantastic Life Rule #16: Don’t Waste TimeTime wasting appears in many ways. Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes you waste time by simply not getting up and doing something. Think about what you can stop that will open the door to what you can start.… Read more →

Making Good Decisions

  Make good decisions, seems simple enough… right?     The Fantastic Life Rule #15: Take the Decision Out of the MomentWhen you have to make a knee jerk reaction in life – what are the values that show themselves when you don’t have the time or the option to stop and think things through? What is the framework that… Read more →

Stop Gorging on Gratification

    I thought this had some great things to apply right away to your daily life. Enjoy!       The Fantastic Life Rule #6: Stay Out of The MatrixJust because it seems you have no choice but to be a part of the mechanism around you, remind yourself that stepping back and looking at your habits could free… Read more →

10 Characteristics of Good Problem Solvers

  It’s good to know some characteristics of good problem solvers.  I have highlighted the ones I think are most important to me.  I could have highlighted them all but I find true wisdom in finding opportunities, knowing what the real problem is and knowing how to prevent problems in the first place.       The Fantastic Life Rule #10:… Read more →

Thanks, Mom and Dad

  To parents and kids, appreciation goes a long way.   The Fantastic Life Rule #1: Know Your StoryThere are two stories to every person, who you really are and who you show the world. Mom and dad play a huge part in your story. In what ways are you thankful?   Appreciating a Parent’s Love What Will Matter.comby MICHAEL JOSEPHSON … Read more →