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This is a useful list, something to think about today.



The Fantastic Life Rule #16: Don’t Waste Time
Time wasting appears in many ways. Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes you waste time by simply not getting up and doing something. Think about what you can stop that will open the door to what you can start.

Published by Coley Hudgins

Great list courtesy of Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform. The key to resilience, and ironically, the key to true happiness… Live hard.

  • Math is hard
  • Ignorance is easy
  • Getting a good education is hard
  • Not studying is easy
  • Saving money is hard
  • Spending money is easy
  • Delayed gratification is hard
  • Buying what you want today using a credit card is easy
  • Saving money and buying cars, clothes and electronics with cash is hard
  • Leasing cars and carrying credit card balances is easy
  • Honoring your contracts and commitments is hard
  • Defaulting on your obligations is easy
  • Accepting responsibility for your life and actions is hard
  • Irresponsibility and blaming others is easy
  • Getting married and raising a family is hard
  • Getting a girl pregnant and walking away is easy
  • Reality is hard
  • Delusions are easy
  • Planning for the future is hard
  • Hoping things turn out for the best is easy
  • Critical thinking is hard
  • Believing a lie is easy
  • Sacrificing for future generations is hard
  • Selfishness is easy
  • Freedom and liberty are hard
  • Dependence and an entitlement mentality are easy
  • Keeping our noses out of other countries’ business is hard
  • Telling other countries what to do at gunpoint is easy
  • Negotiating with countries on an equal basis is hard
  • Invading a country pre-emptively is easy
  • Living within our means is hard
  • Deficit spending is easy
  • Managing our own currency in a prudent manner is hard
  • Letting private bankers control our currency for their benefit is easy
  • Defending yourself against crime with a gun is hard
  • Hoping the police will keep you safe from criminals is easy
  • Living your life with as little state control or impact on your life is hard
  • Depending on the state for protection and your welfare is easy
  • Resisting a corrupt criminal government is hard
  • Passively bowing down to the state is easy
  • Taking care of each other is hard
  • Letting the government take care of others is easy
  • Staying healthy is hard
  • Getting fat and sickly is easy
  • Hard work is hard
  • Being lazy is easy
  • Finding a job is hard
  • Collecting unemployment is easy
  • Being honest, truthful and forthright is hard
  • Lying is easy
  • Earning trust and respect is hard
  • Expecting respect automatically is easy
  • Going to work every day for forty years is hard
  • Pretending to be disabled and collecting SSDI for life is easy
  • Holding politicians accountable is hard
  • Voting for the politician that promises you the most is easy
  • Keeping a Republic is hard
  • Allowing oligarchs to gain control over our Republic was easy
  • Life is hard
  • Tough shit – anything worthwhile in life is not easy



Published July 25, 2012


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