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The Pickle Jar

  Good lesson here… some savings from every deal I have done.   The Fantastic Life Rule #2: Be Crystal Clear on What You WantYour goals in life will show themselves in your actions. What you really want should be at the front of your mind, your actions will follow your focus. From little things you do each day, to… Read more →

Stop Lying Down with the Dogs Already

  This article speaks for itself – make sure you are the type of person you want to be surrounded by. The Fantastic Life Rule #16: Don’t Waste TimeWhether it’s procrastination or simply spending time on things that don’t better your life, wasting time will never benefit you. People, places, activities …Where is your time going?   THE MOST IMPORTANT… Read more →

Money Reality

  Money will be a real issue for you the rest of your life.  This is a good article to see what can happen, and it has some good tips. The Fantastic Life Rule #9: Set GoalsNo matter what your goals are, chances are money plays some part in achieving them. If getting out of debt is your goal, this rule… Read more →

Self Discipline Leads To Cash Flow

  Guys, read this… learn this… apply this to your life.   The Fantastic Life Rule #9: Set GoalsWhat goals have you set to protect yourself from the daily obstacles that come your way? Goals that you set have a direct effect on your quality of life, set them wisely.   The Power of Self-Discipline Leads to Cash Flow Rich… Read more →

She’s (Rarely) the Boss

  You have so much opportunity.  Take it, run with it, be all that God meant you to be. Understand the road is never easy.  Never straight.  Never flat.  Be bold.  Be great.  I am 100 percent supporting you with gusto.   The Fantastic Life Rule #2: Be Crystal clear on What You WantYou can only take action toward what… Read more →