Monthly Archives: August 2014

Happy Habits

  Guys, this article is awesome. READ IT! Then make some positive happy changes to your life. I have highlighted key points too, if you are busy.       The Fantastic Life Rule #3: Build Your Resumes Every YearAchieving things in life shouldn’t only be noted when it’s just about your job. You can celebrate and pursue achievement in all… Read more →

Secrets from Steve

  7 Secrets To Job Success 1) Do what you love no matter what it happens to be. 2) Put a dent in the universe. 3) Say no to 1000 things. 4) Kick-start your brain and do something new. 5) Sell dreams. 6) Create insanely great experiences. 7) Master the message. Watch the video—6 minutes 42 seconds long.    … Read more →

Living on the Median Income

Ok – this is an interesting article.  Depending on where you live (big city-expensive, or small rural city—less), you can live on the Median US income of $50,000.  Read the comments, where you live will make a big difference in how much money you need to make to live comfortably. Some of my thoughts: First, living close to your parents and… Read more →

Words of a Champion

  I hope you enjoy this slice of expertise, really good read.     The Fantastic Life Rule #18: Do Nothing in ModerationYour family life, your work life, your personal life.. whatever you give your energy to, give it everything you’ve got. To succeed only in one area of life sells you short. Moderation can be the enemy of success… Read more →