The Fantastic Life

Where Do You Spend Your Time?


Bill Koenig, Of Interest today, has some of the coolest graphs. Below is how an average American spends their time awake. Five hours a day watching TV? Almost three hours a day listening to the radio (maybe this is while working-I do not know).

How about spending some of that time improving yourself? You could:

  • increase your workout time
  • read more books
  • learn a new language

We all have the same amount of time. I always think if I can spend more of my time on my goals and self-improvement, I can get more of what I want. I want to make my life happen, not let it happen to me.

Make your life happen.


​The Fantastic Life Rule #3: Build Your Résumé Every Year
Treat life like your work. We spend so much time and energy in perfecting our work résumé, why not put that same energy into building and perfecting the Fantastic Life? Sit down every year, and go over your “life résumés”. What have you accomplished this year? What do you want to accomplish? Use that extra time to accomplish these things instead of watching TV or going on the internet.



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