Monthly Archives: January 2015

Munger on the Secrets of Berkshire’s Success

  While Warren Buffet is quite famous, his partner, Charlie Munger, is not as much of a household name.  But, together, they run Berkshire Hathaway.  Below is an interview with Munger with my usual highlights on ideas I found particularly insightful.  Munger’s thoughts on investing hit home: –Know what you know and don’t know.  Stay in your lane.  “Knowing the edge of your circle of… Read more →

The Freedom of Discipline

  For a long time, I have argued that, contrary to popular thought, discipline actually creates freedom and the ability to be spontaneous.  Below is an article by Dan Markovitz discussing this very idea with a twist. He proposes using your calendar to chunk your time. By doing this, you have the freedom to choose what you are going to do and when. This includes time for… Read more →


  In September 2014 the Wall Street Journal magazine asked six well-known people to weigh in on a single topic—Habit.  Below are their answers.  I love habits (well most of them), because they can make your life easier, more productive, and take you in the direction you want to head.   I loved a few of the below comments including: –We’re all looking… Read more →