The Fantastic Life

TV vs. Changing Your Life. Simple change and very powerful!


Below is a simple graph with amazing data. The Average American over 15 years old spends 168 minutes each and every day watching TV. They spend 19 minutes reading, 18 minutes working out, and 18 minutes relaxing (meditation).

Let’s change this up for a month. Try this:

TV–2 hours for the week (your must-see show or a sports game).

That now gives us an additional 1056 minutes or 17 and a half more hours a week to change our life. How about adding to these?

1. Read for an hour+ a day
2. Meditate for an hour+ a day
3. Work out for an hour+ a day

You can achieve this JUST by giving up your TV time. Make this simple change today and you will be a different person in a month.  And in a year? Watch out.

Rule #11 from my book The Fantastic Life: Don’t Waste Time

Try to balance out your TV watching with other activities that will move you toward productivity. It is extremely powerful to see how much more time you have to get things done just by limiting those activities that waste time, such as watching TV.


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