The Fantastic Life

Month: April 2015

Great things are happening

  Below is a great article that my brother sent me about all the incredible things happening in American manufacturing today.  Sound boring?  Far from it.  The software company hackathons we have seen in the tech industry recently are now coming to USA manufacturing.   Rapid change, time to market, and continuous disruption; get used to them.  Make sure you are on the right side of this immense …

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Types of Growth

  Years ago I created a presentation on the various ways I have grown in my life (slow and long term growth, fast changes hitting me upside my head, etc.).  I reviewed it the other day and thought it was still true and valuable.  Below is an article I found interesting that discusses two types of growth—logarithmic and exponential.   Logarithmic …

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Keep on Knocking

  Being in sales is not easy, and sometimes (ok almost all the time) it is incredibly hard. But the rewards and accomplishments can be amazing. Just the habit of knocking on the next door will change your perspective on your life and what you can (and will) accomplish. This is not only in sales but in all areas of …

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