The Fantastic Life

Make the Choice


In my life, I get inspiration from all kinds of different people, industries, and areas of life.  One major thing I draw a ton of motivation from is sports.  This year, Steph Curry is the man in the NBA.  His team, the Golden State Warriors, is in the NBA finals that start this week.  Watch this video and remember that success is a choice. Make the Choice this week to be the best. Let Steph Curry show us the way.

Rule #12 from my book The Fantastic Life: Do Nothing in Moderation

Moderation produces mediocrity. I firmly believe that we should never hold anything back. When you watch Steph Curry play, he doesn’t hold back. He gives each and every game his all, putting it all out on the court. Imagine if you lived like that every day, giving all of your attention, passion, and care to everything you do. Your possibilities would be endless.

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