Monthly Archives: July 2015

What You Can Learn While Backpacking…

  Why didn’t I think of this?  The below article combines my passion for travel, backpacking and financial intelligence.  I did not write it, but Libby Kane did, and it includes some great tips on what you can incorporate into your travel.     Here are some very practical tips that jumped out to me:   –A goal is the first step—in travel and life. –A plan is necessary… Read more →

Absolute Freedom

  Below is a great blog on the 10 layers of absolute freedom.  Let’s begin with letting go of other people’s opinions of you. I get tons of great feedback from LIFEies. But, every now and then I get something negative. I have learned to let it go AND to really appreciate the people who are getting something out of my… Read more →

The Butterfly Effect

  If you ever question your importance in this world.  If you ever doubt your ability to make a difference.  If you are ever uncertain about your “place”. Remember this story.     Rule #1 from my book The Fantastic Life: Know Your Story There are two stories to every person: who you really are, and who you show the world. Sometimes… Read more →