Monthly Archives: August 2015

Savor the Moment

  Savoring moments.  It sounds so simple, so easy to do.     If you are like me and you get focused on the grind, then you will really enjoy the below article.  If you want just my favorite tips, read my highlights.  If you want to savor this, read the entire article.   Now go forth. Rule #15 from my book The Fantastic Life: Take the… Read more →

Start Kaizen in Your Life

  I am always working on life hacks.  Kaizen my life. In the article below, there are seven great mini-habits to begin now that could change your life.   I love them all, but these are my top three: #2—Put things back where you found them. #4—Plan your day on a post it.  Chelsea, my Director of Operations, started doing this and… Read more →