Monthly Archives: October 2015

Stand Up While You Read This

  Wow.  I was blown away by the information in the article below.  Sitting is SO bad for you.  I have included some ideas below to avoid sitting all day, everyday. Read the short article and start moving.  ASAP.    –Get up every twenty minutes and walk around. –Buy a headset, get on the phone and walk while you talk. –Get a sit/stand desk  ( is… Read more →

Do You Self-Sabotage?

  Boy, the below article and the concept of Self-Sabotage loopholes hit home with me when I read it.  I am GREAT at loophole numbers  2, 6 and 9, and pretty good at a few others.  Read below to see where you get off the train and rationalize why you are going to break your good habits.    Maybe all of us can eliminate one or two of these loopholes  in… Read more →

Why Aren’t You Doing What Really Makes You Happy?

  The Fantastic Life is created, not inherited.  In my book (that you can purchase by clicking here), there are 18 rules for living The Fantastic Life.  Below is an article from Time Magazine that sites numerous studies showing the science behind all my rules.  AND the science is compelling.    –Ambitious goals make you happier. –You think you want what is easy,… Read more →

A Simple Way to Save Money

There are simple ways to save money each and every day.  Do not go to Starbucks every day for your morning coffee.  Make your lunch at home.  AND, stay away from ATM surcharges.   I never use an ATM.  Ever.  Here is why:  They charge you money to get your own money.     What a business!  With the advent of ATM’s in… Read more →