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A Simple Way to Save Money

There are simple ways to save money each and every day.  Do not go to Starbucks every day for your morning coffee.  Make your lunch at home.  AND, stay away from ATM surcharges.   I never use an ATM.  Ever.  Here is why:  They charge you money to get your own money.  
What a business!  With the advent of ATM’s in bars, malls, airports etc., you now get charged twice. First by your own bank and then by the owner of the ATM.  Crazy. Take a look below at how much money the Banks make every year on their own customers.


Rule #5 from my book The Fantastic Life: Make Sacrifices
Uh oh. Sacrifices. No one likes thinking about them, but they are necessary in every day life. It might seem like such a time saver to take out cash at the ATM next door, rather than drive to the bank and wait in line, but over time those fees add up, draining your accounts. Sometimes you need to sacrifice a little time and effort to do things the right way. 


atm fees

Source: Bill Koenig, Of Interest Today

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