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Do You Self-Sabotage?


Boy, the below article and the concept of Self-Sabotage loopholes hit home with me when I read it.  I am GREAT at loophole numbers  2, 6 and 9, and pretty good at a few others.  Read below to see where you get off the train and rationalize why you are going to break your good habits. 
Maybe all of us can eliminate one or two of these loopholes  in the next month or two and see what that does for us.  You know which ones I am going to work on.


Rule #6 from my book The Fantastic Life: Stay Out of The Matrix
The Matrix refers to the things around us that keep us from reaching our full potential. And sometimes, those obstacles come from our own logic. To get out of the Matrix, you first have to be aware of it and how it holds you back. Identifying your Self-Sabotage loopholes is a great place to start.


Do You Self-Sabotage? Consider These 10 Loopholes

By: Gretchen Rubin

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Dec 28, 2014

self sabotage 1


self sabotage 2

self sabotage 3 


self sabotage 4


self sabotage 5 


self sabotage 6


self sabotage 7 


self sabotage 6.5


self sabotage 8


self sabotage 9 


self sabotage 10


self sabotage 11 



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