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Happy People Do…

  Below are 22 positive habits you can focus on today, right now, to become a little happier.  This is not my list, but if you read my book The Fantastic Life, you will see we both are singing from the same hymnal. I have highlighted a few of my favorites and those I try

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Take a Walk

  Today’s message is simple: take some walks. Without your phone. We all need to get out of the Matrix daily. Just a reminder to everyone (and me) that we need to get away and experience life as it should be.  Walking is a simple way to accomplish this… And to get a little exercise. Rule #6

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More on Meditation

  I keep thinking and spending more and more time on meditation. And I consider my time pretty valuable. I think I have made strides in getting myself more relaxed, enjoying the moments better, and generally improving my outlook.  I thought I would send along a couple articles on meditation that I found interesting and

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When it’s good to be bad

  We seek perfection knowing it’s unattainable, but in our pursuit we may catch excellence (a shameless plug for my latest book.  Click here to order).  In the fabulous article below, Cody Delistraty talks about it being better to make plans to fail intermittently than to end up failing anyway and getting so demoralized you give up your goal

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Questions To Inspire Conversation

  TED talks have become a worldwide phenomenon.  Below is a cool article that highlights 9 different TED talks and are conversation starters in any situation.  Maybe one of the talks is of interest, maybe more.  –What is your favorite word?–Are you optimistic?–Do you think you are smarter than your parents? These questions are answered and

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