The Fantastic Life

More than 50 Hours a Week Gets You in Top 10%


I have always espoused working 40 hours a week as posted minimum requirements for a job.  If you want to get ahead you have to work smarter AND you have to work more hours.  How many?

Turns out in the US, only 11% of employees work more than 50 hours a week…So if you want to be in the top 10%, get in a little earlier. And, if you are feeling sorry for yourself, remind yourself what you would be doing if you lived in Turkey. In Turkey, 43% of all employees work more than 50 hours in a week.

Working 50+ hours a week gets you in the top 10%.  I wonder how many hours the top 2% work?

Rule #12 from my book The Fantastic Life: Do Nothing in Moderation
You get what you put in. We all agree with this adage on some level. So if you want the most out of your career, why would you consider putting in the average amount of work? If you want the rewards, you can’t hold anything back.


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