Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why I love Steve Kerr and what he has to do with LIFEies

  One question I keep getting asked is, “Why did you create LIFEies?” There is a three part answer: First, was for promotion. I wanted to let people know about my book, The Fantastic Life.  Click here if you are interested. Second, sharing interesting and motivational articles is something I have been doing with my kids since they could read, so I do it naturally.Third,… Read more →

Multigenerational Family Vacations

  One of my strengths (and curses) is that I’m forward thinking.  I spend a ton of time looking into the future, creating goals and planning the directions I want to head.  Today, I am not at the stage in my life of multi-generational family vacations BUT I am thinking about them.   Below is a wonderful article about some do’s and don’ts when you travel with different generations.… Read more →