Monthly Archives: March 2016

A 30-Second Habit

  I am a lifelong learner.  I read daily, attend seminars, and learn incessantly.  Below is an article on developing a 30 second habit.  What you do is after every lecture, meeting or significant experience, take 30 seconds to write down the most important points.  Pretty simple. For me, I am a note taker.  I take notes during every event or lecture.  Then I get them typed up, highlight the… Read more →

Finding Your Bliss

  Ok, I am going to go deep on you today.  Most LIFEies are simple and a sharp stab to the gut (thank you for that quote from Randy Levin).  Today is about as deep as I go.  Below is a great summary from a book called The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers.  If you are not in… Read more →

How to Stay Calm

  I found this article and read it immediately —for me.  All my career, I have been so intense, so focused and it started to take its toll.  Now, I am working on being calm and relaxed while still being focused and intense.  Sounds counterintuitive but reading below, I am right on track.  Stress is required to take action but prolonged stress is not good. Below is my personal checklist of action items to… Read more →

More Valuable Than Money

  We all know that money isn’t everything. BUT do we show it in our actions?  I know that I have not always lived up to my priorities during my career.  On the other hand, sometimes, money is the most important thing—if you and your family need to eat.  There are times your career will take front and center.  One big goal is to have our actions… Read more →