Monthly Archives: April 2016

Brains Keep Growing

  Great news!  The brain can continue to grow.  We are not born with all the cells we will have in our life. Let’s make this a LIFEies and examine what you can do to increase your brain power: –Exercise—preferably outside–Continue to learn, all the time–Eat Chocolate (my favorite) I own these already.  You can too.  Included below are more ways to grow your brain from the Wall Street… Read more →

Every day is scout day

  When I coached my son in baseball, we toured over 20 colleges and met with baseball coaches.  My favorite quote was from Buddy Gouldsmith, then head coach at UNLV and now at the University of New Mexico.  He told us a story about having the professional scouts come watch a practice and scrimmage and how hard his kids played that day.   His comment was that every day… Read more →

How NOT to introduce yourself

  Today’s LIFEies is for anyone who still meets people at work or social events.  I meet young people all the time and am amazed by the how poorly they introduce themselves.  Let’s make it simple:–Full name–Firm handshake–Look the person in the eye–Smile For more, see below.  Don’t be a Limp Fish, Cannonball or Drive-by carder. Rule #18 from my book The Fantastic Life: Do… Read more →