The Fantastic Life

Month: April 2016

Brains Keep Growing

  Great news!  The brain can continue to grow.  We are not born with all the cells we will have in our life. Let’s make this a LIFEies and examine what you can do to increase your brain power: –Exercise—preferably outside–Continue to learn, all the time–Eat Chocolate (my favorite) I own these already.  You can too.  Included below are more ways to grow your …

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How NOT to introduce yourself

  Today’s LIFEies is for anyone who still meets people at work or social events.  I meet young people all the time and am amazed by the how poorly they introduce themselves.  Let’s make it simple:–Full name–Firm handshake–Look the person in the eye–Smile For more, see below.  Don’t be a Limp Fish, Cannonball or Drive-by carder. Rule #18 from …

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