Monthly Archives: May 2016

What?? Over 20% of Americans believe they will be in debt FOREVER

What?!  See the below infographic for some crazy statistics about debt. A study by found that 21% of all Americans believe they will NEVER be able to pay off their current debt.   I can assure you that living The Fantastic Life does NOT include slaving away on paying your monthly debt until you die.  If you don’t have any debt or much debt—learn from… Read more →

Deliberate Practice

  Over the past few years, we have seen a ton of research on why talent is not the precursor of success.  Below is a great summary article from Fortune magazine, even if it is from 2006.  If you want to dive deeper, you can also read, The Talent Code, Bounce, or Talent isn’t Everything;  all three are good. Here are three… Read more →

Age is just a thought

  Below is a long, thoughtful article that you can read if you are interested in the topic of aging and the mind.  Illness and health are way more rooted in your mind and heart than previously thought. Today, I just want to pass along this simple message—and you already know it to be true:  Your age is a mind-set.… Read more →