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Worst Cities for Gridlock


I hate commuting.  Since my first job in 1983, I have been on a mission to not commute more than 5 minutes.  Why?  Because my time is WAY too important.  So is yours.  Below is a graph of the worst cities in the world for commuters.  Look at the annual hours of commuting.  100 hours a year in your car?  Two weeks working a year?

Not for me.  The Fantastic Life is not lived in a car.

Rule #9 from my book The Fantastic Life: Recognize There are Two Kinds of Pain
What will you regret by spending hours in your car commuting to and from work? Missing time with family, missing out on sleep, missing time to get ahead. The pain of regret is far worse than the pain of discipline, so make sure you do your homework and decide just how much your time means to you.


These Are The World’s Worst Cities For Gridlock

By: Niall McCarthy

APR 15, 2015

Workers in Istanbul and Mexico City have to contend with the worst traffic congestion worldwide. According to a study conducted by navigation systems producer TomTom, drivers faced with a 30 minute journey in free-flowing traffic lose no fewer than 110 hours to gridlock in both cities every year.

Moscow residents aren’t much better off – commuters in the Russian capital get delayed approximately 109 hours annually. Another Russian city, St. Petersburg, follows close behind with 104 hours of delays per 30 minute commute. Romania’s capital, Bucharest, jointly rounds off the top five with Brazilian city Recife. In fact, Brazil is well represented in the gridlock league with both Rio de Janeiro and Salvador joining Recife in the top 10. Los Angeles is the only U.S. city represented in this list with 95 hours of delays per 30 minute commute.

*Click here to enlarge (charted by Statista)


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