Monthly Archives: June 2016

Why take risks?

  I have been in the risk business for 30 years.  What do I mean?  I started 100% commission real estate brokerage in 1984 and have never had a paycheck since.  What a ride.  Making that decision has altered my life, my lifestyle, and my perspective.  I am a believer in taking risks and want you to be as well.  Below is a great article… Read more →

Unconditional Responsibility

  The subject line says it all, so you can stop reading now.  OR, you can read below and pick up some additional tips on how not to be a victim and how to take unconditional responsibility for your life.  Thanks to Sebastean Losch for this article.  I love getting cool, thought-provoking articles to read. Here are a couple suggestions from the… Read more →

Success Requires Energy

  I love the thought: Success requires energy.  Today, I have an article for us to incorporate some ideas into our thoughts.  Creating success requires energy. A lot of energy.  Here are 4 of my favorites: –Passion is focused energy–Create organizational structures and systems that don’t depend on you–Build in breathing time into your calendar after high-stress activities–Eliminate energy vampires The best advice in finding energy every… Read more →

Increased Efficiency Could Make Us Miserable

I love it when technology can make my life easier.  I am totally focused on efficiency as well.  Of course, there is a downside.  Below is a wonderful article on how people are changing, interacting less and becoming more isolated.  I see it in millennials where connections don’t mean relationships.  Getting my interns to just pick up the phone and call someone is difficult.  In my own business… Read more →