Monthly Archives: July 2016

Learning About Life

  One of the best parts of my career has been meeting great people.  I have been blessed to meet the best of the best. –Sister Joan who has run Xavier College Prep for over 50 years–Robert and Kim Kiyosaki who have sold over 30 million personal financial books–My Mom who has fought Parkinson’s for 16 years–My Dad who cares for… Read more →

Division of Labor

  As a parent of four, I have been very lucky to have my wife Tracy stay home. Because of this, we have had a very traditional division of labor in our household.  Below are a couple of graphs showing just how much this has become a rarity. Over 66% of households bring in two incomes. Two working parents is now the norm… Read more →

The world still needs adults

  Most weeks, I can just give all the LIFEies readers a quick summary of the article and let them decide whether or not they want to read the whole enchilada.  Today, I  am asking you to at least read my highlights (three different colors!) but I really think you should read the whole article.  It is long, but fabulous.… Read more →

Cultivating the Art of Serendipity

  In my first book, How to Win in Commercial Real Estate Investing, I talk about “Real Estate Eyes.”  I live, breathe, and sleep thinking about real estate and its interaction with business.  Turns out what I have really been working on for 30 years is creating serendipity.  Back in November 2014, I sent out a LIFEies about looking up and seeing the world. (Here… Read more →

Sloppy Emails – a pet peeve of mine

  For the past decade, I have been under siege with emails. I receive anywhere between 200-300 a day.  I am sure you are the same.  This is a huge issue, at least for me.  One of my biggest pet peeves is receiving sloppy emails.  –No subject lines–Forwarded emails without comment–Not taking out the previous 9 forwards (that’s you Dad), etc.  Below is… Read more →