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Division of Labor


As a parent of four, I have been very lucky to have my wife Tracy stay home. Because of this, we have had a very traditional division of labor in our household.  Below are a couple of graphs showing just how much this has become a rarity. Over 66% of households bring in two incomes. Two working parents is now the norm and who does what at home has become a complete balancing act.

When raising a family, chaos rules.

Seeing how others do it might help when you are trying to get dinner on the table, get homework going, doing work emails, and trying to maintain your marriage.

Good luck.

Rule #5 from my book The Fantastic Life: Make Sacrifices
Marriages and families survive because of sacrifices. As parents and spouses, we sacrifice our time, our attention, and our money to ensure that the ones we love are supported. All good things in life require sacrifices, both big and small to make them work.


In Nearly Half of Two-Parent Households, Both Mom and Dad Work Full-Time

Pew Research Center

November 2, 2015

America Has Become a Nation of Dual-Income Working Couples
November 21, 2013
By Scott A. Hodge, Andrew Lundeen

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