The Fantastic Life

August 2016

Olympic Mantras to Live By

  Like many of you, I have been addicted to the entire Olympic experience. I love the commitment each athlete makes to their craft and passion and how they perform. Below are five great mantras that we can incorporate into our lives. I love, and have used these three for a long time: –I got this.–To give […]

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Learn To Be Resilient

  As the real world hits you, and we all know it will hit you over and over, resilience and grit become some of the most important skills to develop.  AND yes, you can develop them. Below is a nice article from the Wall Street Journal.  Read it and start working on developing your resilience skills today.  Having grit and resilience will bring you good stead all the

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College Checklist

  Sending a child to college?  Have a kid turning 18?  A simple must do for every parent is getting these two documents executed: —Health Care Proxy: Allows parents to have full medical disclosure for their child if there is an accident. —Power of Attorney: Allows parents to gain access to grade transcripts, wire money, and

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