The Fantastic Life

September 2016

Controlling Your Future

  Market stability anywhere isn’t guaranteed, and neither is social security. Don’t count on the stock market or social security to create a comfortable retirement fund.  Below is an article that summarizes a report from McKinsey that looks into the future and sees lower returns.  With this in mind, we still control our own destiny. …

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Letting People Go

  We all need to continue to grow throughout our life. Grow or die. Simple. The people in our lives are the same. We grow, we change, and sometimes we need to let people go. Below is a great article describing eight reasons to let people go. I have done this throughout my life and find these …

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How long should we sit?

  Over time, I revisit a few topics to just beat a dead horse. Today is one of those topics: We sit too much. You can go back to my original sitting LIFEies by clicking here. We should not sit for more than 20 minutes without standing up and moving around. I have highlighted some ideas, …

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A Pause

  Scott Dinsmore wrote the below blog just before his death near the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (read more here). I love his mindset and work. The below represents the essence of one of my rules for living a Fantastic Life–Getting out of the Matrix (click here to buy The Fantastic Life and read all of …

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