Monthly Archives: October 2016

Why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong

  What if what we have been taught about aging is wrong?  What if we can grow old and still be young?  I believe the below Wall Street Journal article is required reading for me and all of us as we grow older. Here are a few ways we can flourish: –Our creativity can increase–We can see no loss in our work production–We can work out less and still see… Read more →

Enough is Enough

  I think about this week’s topic every single day. What is it that I want?  What is it that I need?  In today’s society, conventional thinking goes like this: I need a car to get to work.  I want a BMW.  I need a BMW.   Rule two of living the Fantastic Life is having the clarity to know what you need and… Read more →

Adult Skills Every 18-Year-Old Should Have

  With my LIFEies, I try to cover all demographics. Today, the focus is on young adults. As the father of four, ages 18-25, I loved the list below. I have commented on a few.  Social Skills: Emotional intelligence–Get away from your phone.  Talk to real people. Mobility: Getting around on your own. Prioritization: Action Priority List—Almost all of my interns stink at… Read more →

Gravity and entropy, denied

  When I got into commission sales 30+ years ago, I NEVER thought that I would still be cold calling, nor spending a ton of my time trying to create new business. Well, I am.  As it turns out, to be successful in any sales position this is mandatory.  Below is a fantastic article on denying gravity and entropy. Doing great work.  Following… Read more →