Monthly Archives: January 2017

An Easy Way to Increase Your Brain Power

  I have talked about meditation before in LIFEies.  Below are some additional reasons to try it if you have not, and to keep going if you are on the path.  Practicing mindful meditation allows our brains to continually grow and develop while reducing mental pressure.  Some great outcomes of mindful meditation: Regular meditation will increase our awareness, concentration and decision-making… Read more →

Habit and Commitment

  As a lifelong athlete, I just love Ed Hirsch’s Power of Habit and Commitment. But I find it applies to everything I do in life, not just sports.  Read below and you will as well.  –To change your life–change your habits. –To start the change–commit. Rule #2 from my book The Fantastic Life: Be Crystal Clear on What You WantCommitment is hard. Committing… Read more →

Live on Less, Have More

  There are two ways to become financially independent: –Make a lot of money–Spend less In my career, I have tried to do both.  I have been WAY more successful with the first one.  We have been teaching our kids to live as long as you can on as little as you can. Below is a great article sent to me… Read more →