Monthly Archives: February 2017

Words Mean Things

  I don’t profess to have a great vocabulary, but I do try to increase my vocabulary every day.  Seth Godin puts this idea in a more eloquent way than me: If you are only able to use 1,000 words, nuance goes out the window.The typical native speaker knows 20,000 words, and there’s your opportunity:If you know 40,000 words, if you learn five words a day for… Read more →

Appreciating Appreciation

  I started reading Michael Josephson years ago.  He gives me LIFEies for myself.  Today I wanted to share one of his previous What Will Matter entries that resurfaced recently. Like Michael, I have come to gratitude and appreciation later in life.  Striving, Achievement, and Success were always my top priorities.  We can have all those AND still be grateful.  The more I appreciate,… Read more →

Lasting Relationships Rely On Two Traits

  I have been married to my wife Tracy for 27 years, and in that time I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to sustain a happy and long-lasting relationship. The below article sums it up great. To create long-lasting relationships, you need just two things: kindness and generosity. It’s that simple.  Living The Fantastic Life involves great relationships. Join me in turning… Read more →