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  Listening is one of the most underrated skills in life, and one I continually find myself working on.  I am in sales, and making the pitch is what I do, right?  Well not completely.  Below, Jeffery Gitomer talks about listening, how to develop your listening ability and what state of mind you should be in to fully hear what is being… Read more →

The Power of Curiosity

  “Passionately curious” is a term used by some people to describe their greatest characteristic.   The Wall Street Journal asked some interesting people their take on the subject of curiosity. Here are my takeaways: Ask more questions than you make statements – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Embrace that anxiety and fear of the unknown are a powerful driver for curiosity – Taryn Simon Curiosity is a… Read more →

You Can Get Smarter

  Psychologists have determined the quality of your life is in large part dependent on your perspective.  I believe I control my destiny.  I also believe I can continue to grow, learn and as it turns out—get smarter.  Below is an article by Richard Friedman that was in the NY Times about how you can become smarter.  Here are a… Read more →