Monthly Archives: May 2017

How Much To Save For Emergencies?

  Preparing for the unexpected emergency seems impossible.  The main reason is it’s UNEXPECTED. You don’t know how much to save or what to prepare for because there is no warning for what’s going to happen. All the more reason to prepare. Waiting until the emergency happens is always too late.  66 million Americans do NOT have emergency savings. (Click… Read more →

Detox Your Internal Dialogue

  The heaviest weight we carry is that of emotional and stressful pressures that we have created or that have been established within our own minds. Our mental weight impacts our outlook on life, ultimately influencing the simplest everyday routines. Here are a couple points that we know to be true but are hard to correct:        “How we talk to ourselves… Read more →

How to Stick with Mediation

  A part of the Fantastic Life is meditation (prayer, time out, whatever you want to call it) but damn it is hard to get the habit fully integrated into my life. I read Russell Simmons’s Success through Stillness and send myself the “how to” chapter to read every month.  I schedule time in my calendar to take a break.… Read more →

Why You Should Be Obsessed

  We all struggle to achieve our career and personal goals.  Today, I argue that the problem may not be how hard you’re doing something, but what you’re actually striving towards.  Clarity of purpose is Rule #2 of living the Fantastic Life.  You have to love what you’re doing, be passionate about it, be willing to do anything for it.… Read more →

What You Wear Matters

  Getting ahead in the game of life takes grit, persistence, goals, hard work, and more, over a long period of time. Want an easy way to get ahead? Dress better. The below article explains why you should dress 25% better than your peers and the normal dress code at the event you are attending.  Proper attire and sharp dressing… Read more →