Monthly Archives: June 2017

Deep Practice is for just a few areas in your life

  The most important aspect of deliberate practice is that you NEED to know what you are deliberately practicing for.” Achieving the Fantastic Life is about knowing where you want to go, and the road you will take to get you there. The video posted by Dr. Cobb below discusses the development of skills and the process for deliberate practice. The development… Read more →

My Secret Weapon

  I don’t know Jon Westenberg, but I know we have something in common.  We both view reading as a secret weapon.  And we read…A lot. Reading lets you see the world through a new set of eyes. It will serve as motivation for achieving your goals and can also provide you with some instruction on how to reach those goals… Read more →

Habits of Eventual Millionaires

  Living The Fantastic Life is not all about money.  However, money has given me more time.  With more time, I have been able to experience more.   James Altucher (a favorite blogger of mine) is always good and his infographic below about the habits of millionaires is great.  I am aligned with a number of the below habits (I call them rules in my book, The Fantastic Life).  Here are a few that… Read more →


  Giving condolences is not easy. Sometimes the sympathy we try to share with grieving friends and loved ones creates more damage from overlooking or simply not knowing how to comfort them. There is an art to condolence.  Please don’t say something just to be saying anything (especially comparisons). Being speechless is better than sharing misguided phrases/comparisons.  Here are a few… Read more →