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Habits of Eventual Millionaires


Living The Fantastic Life is not all about money.  However, money has given me more time.  With more time, I have been able to experience more.   James Altucher (a favorite blogger of mine) is always good and his infographic below about the habits of millionaires is great.  I am aligned with a number of the below habits (I call them rules in my book, The Fantastic Life).  Here are a few that I can relate to:

The Fantastic Life Rule #12 – Do Nothing in Moderation. His #1 Habit below is ‘Say No.’  Either way, deciding what you value and throwing yourself head on into it is paramount (see my LIFEies on Obsession).

–We both believe in doing less to focus more.

The Fantastic Life Rule #8 -The 2% Rule. James says 1%.  Either way, doing a bit more every day, with every habit is a way to make massive change over your life.

The Fantastic Life Rule #5- Get a Win. James’s habit is ‘Right Now’.  Focus on right now.  I talk about getting wins where you can, when you can.

There are 17 additional habits below. Take a look.

Rule #8 from my book The Fantastic Life: The 2% Rule
All it takes is a little extra effort. A little more focus, energy, and time to help you pull ahead of the others. The gap between the rich and the poor in this country is growing, and by putting in that extra 2% you can make sure you end up on the side you want.

The 20 Habits of Eventual Millionaires

By: James Altucher

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