Monthly Archives: July 2017

Using the Weekend

  Here is a different perspective:  Weekends are not mini-vacations.  Rather, they are an opportunity to grow.  In our society, we are taught that career growth/change/focus happens Monday – Friday.  Not true.  Why not take your life to the next level (yes, The Fantastic Life level) and use the weekend to make positive change in your life?   Below is an article by Todd… Read more →

Three Breathing Exercises

  As a third generation Arizonan, I am a big supporter of our adopted native Dr. Andrew Weil.  Everything he does is amazing.  Today, I wanted to share his three breathing exercises.  Focusing on breathing patterns is one of the many ways we can manage stress, fall asleep and even energize us throughout the day.  Here is a quick to-do… Read more →

Habits to Help You Build Trust

  Remember in fifth grade when your teachers would have you do team-building exercises? One of the main activities was the trust fall, leaning back and praying your partner caught you. There was always one kid no one wanted to pair up with, because he or she thought it was funny to let their partner fall on their butts.  Success… Read more →