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Here is a different perspective:  Weekends are not mini-vacations.  Rather, they are an opportunity to grow.  In our society, we are taught that career growth/change/focus happens Monday – Friday.  Not true.  Why not take your life to the next level (yes, The Fantastic Life level) and use the weekend to make positive change in your life?

Below is an article by Todd Brison that was in INC last year.  Here are my thoughts (not necessarily from the article) on using the weekend:

–If we want to build great habits (eating healthy, exercise, reading daily, meditation)—we need to use the weekend to continue AND reinforce our habits.  OR when we break down during the week, to get started again.

–We can use the 2% rule to get ahead.  Work some, take an online class, practice your elevator pitch.  Whatever it is that you want to improve.

–Use the weekend to transition from one successful week to the next.  A body in motion tends to stay in motion.  Success inertia keeps rolling.

Yes, we need rest.  Yes, we need downtime.  But, just thinking about the upcoming weekend this way, may allow you to grow in a way that will change your life.  As Todd says below: “Consistency is Power.”

Rule #8 from my book The Fantastic Life: The 2% Rule

The weekends were made for the 2% Rule. While the average are sleeping in, watching TV, and relaxing, those who strive ahead of the pack are on the move. Even if it’s just 2% more, you’re getting ahead.


Want to Be Successful? Stop Treating Weekends Like Mini Vacations

Weekends are a chance to grow and move forward.
By Todd Brison

November 16, 2016

What tweak has made all the difference in your life? (originally appeared on Quora)


All of society is set up to make you think real change can occur within the weekdays alone.

It doesn’t.

The clearest example I can think of is my recent switch to becoming a morning person. (yeah, yeah, I know – dead horse).

No matter what time I went to bed, I would have trouble getting up in the morning. I would do a couple of days at 5:30 just fine, but on other days, I would snooze the alarm five or six times.

Then one weekend I accidentally left my alarm on for the same time I get up for work.
“Huh, well, I guess I’ll get up.”

I did it again on Sunday.

By the time Monday rolled back around, I noticed something very strange – I woke up at 5:28, two minutes before my alarm.

Same thing on Tuesday. In bed around 10:00, wide awake with no alarm at 5:28.
That Thursday was a late night – I didn’t get under the covers until midnight.
“Well, there goes my streak.”

Nope. I was up right before my alarm again.

As I’m writing this, thousands of people are going through a program called NaNoWriMo – a challenge to write a complete novel in 30 days. In order to get through it, you have to write every day. If you skip the weekends, it’s all but impossible to get back on track.

For the ones who succeed it will be harder for them to not write in the future than it will be to write.

Same with fitness, right? If you eat clean 5 days and then cheat for the weekend, you reverse much of the progress.

Consistency is power.

I don’t know if it’s biology. I don’t know if it’s a habit thing. I don’t know if it’s the universe testing you or some strange thing like that.

I do know this:
The weekends, like every other day, are a chance to grow, a chance to move forward, a chance to be happy, and a chance to change your life.

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