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Habits of Ineffective Leaders


Below is a cool infographic for all of us, not just those of us who lead teams.  Throughout the years, I have had to learn almost all of the lessons below (some multiple times).

Take a minute and read these and don’t do what I have done and ignore them. Try them out.   I can assure you that:

–You don’t have all the answers.
–Taking bigger risks is not always the smart thing to do.
–Talking and doing are two completely different things.
–Blaming people instead of looking for solutions is not smart.
–Holding back praise is not the way to go.

I just made myself laugh as I typed the above.  I could have written almost every single one of the below bad habits.  I can also say that I have and am working on avoiding all of them.

Rule #11 from my book The Fantastic Life: Don’t Waste Time
Bad habits slow us down, create roadblocks and prevent us from moving forward. Essentially – they cause us to waste time. Cutting back on these negative habits today will save you time and headaches in the future.



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