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The Forbes World’s Billionaires list is always a hot item.  I love to read about the roots of billionaires and see how they carved their own path to success.  Below is a very cool infographic examining the backgrounds of the world’s billionaires.  Let’s break it down:

  • Toss the first 30—they inherited their wealth.  Good for them.
  • 17 started their own business—These are my people.
  • 53 worked for a different organization.  The majority of them were in sales.

Rather than setting a goal of being a billionaire,  I always just wanted financial independence.  Robert and Kim Kiyosaki taught me that getting out of the Rat Race does not mean you need to be a billionaire. Financial independence means your passive income, is greater than your expenses.  It’s a pretty simple financial goal in life.

Rule #6 from my book The Fantastic Life: Set Goals
When I started out I set the goal of becoming financially independent for myself. Within that larger goal I set several smaller goals, including setting up various passive income streams and saving for retirement. Setting those goals is the only reason I was able to live the life I want. What are your financial goals?

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