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LIFEies are a short lesson each week.  This week is just a simple graphic showing some interesting stats Fast Company compiled about how the most productive people work.  How do your habits compare?

I found it telling that 71% of those surveyed work in an office, while only 4% used co-working space, so keep this in mind.

Some takeaways, for me, included:

Most of us work in spurts. There is a great book I read years ago called The Power of Full Engagement, by Jim Loeher and Tony Schwartz.  In the book, they talk about being fully engaged in your work then taking a break.  The secret is to actually take the break so you can get engaged again and again. {Click to Tweet} Today, we tend to sprint to get a project or deal done then launch right into another.  I get my 30 nights sleeping on the ground just for this purpose—rejuvenation.

We’re always on (checking our phones and FOMO events)—which is not great for being productive. I go for a training hike early in the morning.  Over the winter, it’s been dark and occasionally cold when I start.  Sometimes I don’t really want to be there. I tell myself, “Get away from the car. Get away from the car.”  The same message applies—Get away from the phone.

We never unplug even on vacation.  I am guilty of this one. I ONLY unplug when I am backpacking away from any cell service.  If you know any solutions on other vacations, let me know.  I just read how Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, mailed his cell phone to his summer home in Hawaii then took a two-week vacation to the Galapagos Islands.  Novel idea.

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Rule #11 from my book The Fantastic Life: Don’t Waste Time

Even on your most productive day, you’d be amazed how much time you wasted on meaningless tasks. Find the tricks that help you stay focused and productive, and stop wasting time.



Secrets of the Most Productive People





January 2017


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