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You all know I am a committed goal setter.  More importantly, I track my daily actions and my highest priorities.  Finally, I am a milestone tracker. Tracking what is important allows you to know if you are doing what you say you are and if you are getting wins.

Here are three simple takeaways from the article below that talks about my coach for over 25 years, Dan Sullivan, and his program, The Strategic Coach:

1—Be approach orientated—review your goals every day.
2—Name your goals so you own your own language—I have terms like Chasing Hope, 30 nights a year on the ground, etc..  When you name it, you own it.
3—Count your wins.  We all need wins and we need them every day.  Set your goals and milestones up so you can win and when you do—Count them.  Get your wins.

Grow every day.

Rule #6: Set Goals
Goals are our roadmarkers. They help us keep track along our journey, and give us markers to track our progress towards the life we want. What are your goals?

This 4-Step Science-Backed Process Will Keep You Motivated Daily
If you’re not reviewing your goals every day, your life is far more off course than you think.

By Benjamin P. Hardy

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Brian Grasso and Carrie Campbell are a husband-and-wife MINDSET TRANSFORMATION team. Their work has been viewed by millions of people online. What drew me to them was the fact that they have a mission to install their mindset training into schools throughout North America (and they actually have a profound game-plan to make it happen!).

I had the good fortune to interview Brian and Carrie recently and they detailed to me the 4-step process they take their clients and students through. The reason I’m sharing it here is that I was blown away by the scientific relevance to their 4-step model. Specifically, during our conversation, we were discussing what one could do if they were experiencing a subconscious block or if they were in a negatively triggered state. 

They told me that instead of focusing on what you do while in a triggered state, the goal needs to be a focus on living such a life that those triggers rarely show up in the first place. For Brian and Carrie, this is all about daily preparation to continually be upgrading your life.

In psychological terms, this is about living on offense as the best form of defense. It’s being approach-oriented rather than avoid-oriented. What you focus on expands. Thus, if you’re continually focusing on what you’ll do when you fall apart, you’ll invite those triggers and trauma into your life more often. If instead, you focus on preparation and positive action, your confidence will increase. Therefore, you’ll be far better equipped to deal with whatever you encounter, whether that be a trigger, an obstacle, or something else.

Here’s their 4-step method for re-programming your subconscious mind on a daily basis:

1. Know Your Language
Learning your language is all about self-awareness. You can’t change what you aren’t aware of. Thus, you want to recognize your daily self-talk. You do this by tracking and monitoring when you begin speaking in a negative or restrictive way, so you can address it. Accountability is key. Having people in your life who make you aware when you speak negatively is extremely helpful to hear that voice in your own head.

2. Review Your Direction
Reviewing your direction is examining and measuring your goals every single day. The reason an airplane gets to its desired destination is that the pilot is continually checking-in to ensure the plane is headed in the right direction.
If you’re not reviewing your goals every day, your life is far more off-course than you think. The matter of being even 1-degree off-course, over a long enough period of time will lead you to a life of ruin and deep internal/external conflict.

3. Count Your Wins
Confidence is the byproduct of prior success. In order to recognize and appreciate that success, you need to regularly review the goal-aligned wins you’ve had, every single day.

Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, explains the importance of counting 3-wins each day. This keeps you in the attitude of winning. This is particularly important for entrepreneurs who generally focus on what Dan calls “The Gap”–which is the distance between where you currently are and where you want to be. This keeps you in a constant state of stress and unhappiness. Instead, Dan recommends you focus on “The Gain,” which allows you to appreciate the distance you’ve made. When you focus on your wins, you appreciate what you’ve done. This gives you a sense of success at the moment, which propels future success.

4. Imagine Your Outcome
Finally, Brian and Carrie recommend you spend time visualizing where you want to be, every single day. Visualize the outcomes as though they already occurred. This is one of the most powerful ways to reshape your subconscious reality. The more emotional and regular the imagining process, the more your current mental framework will believe your future state as your current state.

What do you do daily to prepare for the storms?
How regularly do you do these 4 practices?
What would happen if you spent 10-60 minutes doing these 4 things daily?

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