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Mastering Self-Control… this LIFEies is written by me for me

There are some areas of my life where I have tremendous self control — like waking up to hike every morning at 4:00 am or earlier (for over 25 years). But then there are other areas where I fail completely, like passing up a cookie (or five). Self-control is your ability to resolve conflicts between your short-term desires and your long-term goals.

In my book, The Fantastic Life,  Rule #14 is There are Two Types of Pain – the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. The guide linked below offers a great explanation of this rule: “You can choose between an option that yields a smaller immediate reward (pleasant taste of food, fun from watching TV or pleasure from socializing with friends) and an option that yields a larger but delayed reward (staying healthy, maintaining good weight, or reaching a higher income).”

Practicing self-control is never fun in the moment, but the success, in the long run, more than makes up for the small sacrifice. What are some areas where you lack self-control? What habits or temptations have you tried to kick, but just can’t seem to give up? 

Please click on the link below the three graphics.  The guide is a long and comprehensive guide but it is worth reading to help understand self-control. After reading it the first time, I re-sent it to myself a month later.  I read it again when I wrote this LIFEies, and finally, just read it again during the final edit.  I am working on this for myself.  How about you?

Rule #9: Recognize there Are Two Types of Pain
What vices, habits, or things can you just not seem to give up? How would your life change for the better if you could master your self control in those areas? 

The Complete Guide to Self-Control

By Scott Young

September, 2019


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