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Motivation – Tom Bilyeu

I follow a very motivational guy named Tom Bilyeu (you can see his Instagram here or visit his website here).  He did a live talk in Phoenix back in January that I went to with my son.  I thought I would share some key takeaways with you for your use.   Below my top three highlights are all my notes.

1.  Consistency is what gets you into elite groups.  Hang on long enough.  Survive by attrition.

2.  Do what you say you will do.  Make this your default moment.

3.  Death does not scare me.  Not being who I am and who I am becoming scares me.

Enjoy and  get fired up!!


Rule #11 from my book The Fantastic Life: Don’t Waste Time
We all need a bit of encouragement or motivation to get us started, but don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. Stop wasting time and go out and find your motivation.

My Notes from ‘An Evening with Tom Bilyeu’ at Stand Up Live!


January 17, 2020

92 percent of all resolutions fail to stick. There is a trick to leverage to make sure you are on the 8 percent to see myself through.

Our job is to make our own instructional manual on how to see things through. Identity.

Simple steps and beliefs that will change your life:

1. Identity. You get to decide who you will be.

A. Warrior-savage /Goggin’s Humans want to be congruent. If you say it then you will want to feel it and it will get you acting. I am a warrior. Call people out if they say it and don’t do it – be congruent. It’s hard to kick yourself in the ass. It’s harder to invite people into your life to kick your ass. Yet we all need it.

B. Consistency is what gets you into that group. Hang on long enough. Survive the attrition. It’s a game of breaking point. How far back can you push your breaking point. Goggin’s—”When you’re done, you are only 40 percent there.”

2.  Do what you say you will do!! This needs to be my default moment….there is nothing in this world that will stop me.

Death does not scare me. Not being who I am and who I am becoming scares me.

I am a warrior.

Number One Rule: We only do and believe only that will love me toward my goals I can learn anything I can set my mind to. Make this a frequent a thought.

Patience—f*%k it –dreams don’t come true because of inertia (pushing a rock uphill is really hard)

Staying in the game is Hard.

To play all out massive effort for a decade.

Be an unstoppable beast.

Everything in my life is harder than I thought and will be.

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