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Free eBook–The Best of LIFEies 2014-2020

I have been writing LIFEies since 2014, every week, rain or shine, and over the years I’ve noticed that you never know what topic will hit your audience the most.  I have found that to be true.  Weekly, I will get an email from a reader saying “Thank you for this week’s LIFEies, it was perfect timing.”

With that in mind, we put together a simple eBook for your reading pleasure. The Best of LIFEies 2014-2020 is now available for free.  Simply click here to download this collection of the top 20 most-read LIFEies.  

I got some personal takeaways from rereading these myself.  Please take a look.  Forward to a few people and have someone join our LIFEies crew here.

Our community grows weekly.  Thank you.

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