Monthly Archives: March 2021

The Days are Long But the Decades are Short

I am amazed at the wisdom of some 30 year old’s. Below my comments is a blog by Sam Altman about what he has learned in his 30 years. I am sure I didn’t have this kind of wisdom at that age. I had focus, grit, and was working my ass off, but little wisdom.    Here are a few nuggets from Sam’s blog that still resonate with me, though… Read more →

Why Success Won`t Make You Happy

I am an achievement addict. I have been for all my life.  Is achievement the same as success?  Not sure but it is close enough for me to do some introspection and share my thoughts with you. I will use success and achievement interchangeably in this LIFEies. The Atlantic article by Arthur C. Brooks below talks about some people who choose success over happiness.  Let me… Read more →

Are We Born to Wander?

The title of the below article (which is from last month’s National Geographic) hit me hard.  After a year of being locked down, and not able to travel, my answer to the question “Are we born to wander?”  is an unequivocal yes. I have written several LIFEies about the benefits of travel over the years.  Today, I want to add some thoughts that hit me… Read more →