The Fantastic Life

The Fantastic Life / Revisited is Here!

It’s time for the big announcement!

You’ve been receiving my weekly LIFEies emails that show my rules for living a Fantastic Life in action. Now it’s time to take your growth and achievement to the next level with my new book The Fantastic Life / Revisited: How to Get It, Live It, and Pass It On. It’s an all-new and expanded version of The Fantastic Life which I wrote in 2014. This completely rewritten book includes new insights and real stories from people who have inspired and taught me. They are people who have used, and are using, the Fantastic Life Rules to live the lives they want. How to live your Fantastic Life has never been clearer.

A Fantastic Life means you’re crystal clear about what’s important and living in a way that allows you to achieve those important things. All of them.

The Fantastic Life / Revisited is a bold, full-color book. It’s bold because choosing to live a Fantastic Life is bold. It’s also a book that leaves space for you to record your thoughts, write down your goals, set forth your plans, and track your success.

You can have the life you want.
You just have to know how to get it.
That’s why I wrote The Fantastic Life / Revisited.

Here’s a thought: 2022 is almost over. Why not decide now that 2023 is your year? Get my book now and you’ll have a head start. Plus for a limited time, you can take advantage of special Amazon offers. You can even buy the Collector’s Edition hardcover for holiday gift-giving.

I hope you choose to live a Fantastic Life. It’s waiting for you!

PS: When you buy TheFantastic
Life / Revisited you also get the free
Fantastic Life Toolkit available at Use it as I
do: to manage all the things that are important in your life.

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