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Month: December 2022


Humans were built to walk.  We get so many health benefits from moving our bodies and yet here we are sitting at a desk for most of our long lives.  I work out a ton, usually for a couple hours, and then I go sit for 8 hours.  Not great.   So……   –-Walk more—try …

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Becoming Consistent

Last week I sent a write-up on Discipline and Consistency. This week, let’s take one more look at consistency—my word for 2022. Below is another article on why we should focus on developing this skill.   Here is my question: How can I continue to become more consistent?   Below are some of the ways …

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Discipline and Consistency

Today’s LIFEies is a simple write up from Shane Parrish and his Farnam Street blog. I have been sending this piece on discipline and consistency to myself periodically since I first read it in April, and I thought I would share with the LIFEies crew.   Discipline and Consistency are two attributes that could not …

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